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Read what our customers have to say about Spinal Health and Chiropractics affect on their life...

Prior to going to McGuinn Chiropractic, I was not able to walk, even a short distance without a cane. I had so much pain in my leg and low back I was practically disabled. An MRI showed that I had 2 bulging discs, one pressing on a nerve, causing my pain... Back surgery was not something I wanted to sign up for so I began looking at other options. My daughter suggested that I consider "Decompression" treatment., and I soon discovered that Dr. McGuinn offered this type of therapy. The treatment in painless, and after only 4 treatments, I was able to walk without a cane! Dr. Dave began adding other therapies and spinal adjustments which also helped me to recover more quickly. I am so grateful for the excellent care and support that they offered during this difficult time. They were so kind and understanding from the moment I entered their clinic. I would highly recommend McGuinn Chiropractic for all of your chiropractic needs and more! Thank you, Dr. Dave and Kathy, for the warmth, kindness and encouragement that you offered throughout this journey....I continue to get better each session and am looking forward to "getting back to life" as usual in the near future. - Donna W

I can already feel myself improving. I\'ve had two visits and my shooting neck pain I\'ve had when trying to sleep is gone. I already have an increased range of motion during stretching/exercises. I wish I would\'ve been doing this my whole life. Thank you Dave! - Jay Mohan

It is difficult to describe the pain, and anxiety that I felt before I "gave into" Chiropractic. I had a long history of back problems stemming from years of sports in high school. And, being a guy, I was determined to tough it out. Surely, if I gave it time, the pain, stiffness and muscle spasms would cease eventually. Some days were better than others, yet "IT" was always there. When it got unbearable and began affecting me daily, I'd finally had enough! I limped into Dr. Dave's clinic, as now the pain was going down my leg and into my foot. I committed to whatever it would take to get rid of this ongoing pain! I admit, I wasn't hopeful but the alternative wasn't an option. I received some pretty intensive care, and followed his recommendations to the max. I was shocked and relieved when, at last, the pain began to subside. I am now pain free and a true Believer in the wonders of Chiropractic Care. It has become my first approach to most any of my health concerns and I am, Forever Grateful.

Dr. McGuinn offered my first experience with chiropractic care -- it was a good one! Not only did I receive excellent care and advice, Dave & Kathy operated a very friendly business. I always leave feeling better!

Chris G.

Where do I begin? Dr. Dave and Kathy are so gentle and friendly. They know their stuff. I had chronic neck aches and stiffness, now I no longer do, no kidding! I am a nail tech and am constantly looking down so for me this is huge. Also, I believe my immune system is greatly improved. - Rebecca S.


I'm sending you a photo of my mare 'Bailey'. I talk about her so much I wanted you to see what she looked like. The spinal decompression therapy really made it possible for me to ride again. I know my neck will never be perfect because of years of abuse and injury but with treatment Dr. Dave has given me my life back. Thank you! - Renee

If you need a Chiropractor in Loveland Colorado. I highly recommend Dr, McGuinn and this is why. I was going to Mexico and wanted and adjustment before the trip. I told him my issues, what I wanted and he said but aren't you limping? I explained a planned ACL surgery and he asked If I wanted him to adjust it. He explained why and I let him. I went on a 10 day vacation and didn't limp once I returned and went to McGuinn Family Chiropractic and said do that again. I called the next week and cancelled the planned surgery and started riding my bike more. I avoided surgery and 5 month rehab!  Have now introduced my daughter for her sports chiropractor care and chiropractic wellness center. Thanks, Pat   4/23/2004

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